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Imagine a Community Where No Child Goes Hungry

Food4Kids is making a difference in the lives of children right here in our community — providing hunger-free weekends for children facing food insecurity and helping them to thrive!


“Struggling with basic needs has, obviously, impacted her ability to succeed in school. The food program has brought them so much relief. She says it is easier to focus on school, knowing that she is able to help her family by bringing home some food for weekends.”  - Counselor, Shorewood HS


“It’s something small that makes a huge difference in her life. She participated in the food pack program last year while at Einstein Middle School. I hope you know how much of a difference this is making to our most vulnerable students.”  - Counselor, Shorewood HS


“…They have expressed to me what a great help it is to have this assistance each week. Each year, every student always says “thank you” when I hand them the bags of food each week. Thanks so much for all you do to assist our families in need.”  - Security, Einstein Middle School

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